Camila Guerrero
Lives and works in Queens, NY.

2013 New York University, BFA

Selected Group Exhibitions
Monotypes with Friends. Entrance. New York, NY.

Timeshare. 520 W 28th Street. New York, NY.
Fata Morgana. Catarina One Stop. Brooklyn, NY.

Reservoir Dogs. Reservoir Art Space. Queens, NY.
King Spa. King Spa. Palisades Park, NJ.

Remainder; Us for never forever for the first and the last month. 410 State Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Say It With Flowers. Kimberly-Klark. Queens, NY.
Winter Collection. Kimberly-Klark. Queens, NY.

Four Shows in Gabe's Room: Camila Guerrero, Graham Hamilton. 370 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.
99 Cent Gallery Inaugural Show. 99 Cent Gallery. Brooklyn, NY.

Sleuths To Be You. Jazz Frat Boyz Town. Brooklyn, NY.
All Set For Now. Culture Fix. New York, NY.
New York Painting and Sculpture 2013. The Commons Gallery. New York, NY.

New Jazz. Girl Haus. Brooklyn, NY.
Senior Honors Studio Group Exhibition. The Commons Gallery. New York, NY.
Visions of Ghana. NYU Accra. Accra, Ghana.